My name is Dylan Poulsen. I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics and the Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Washington College. I also work as a mathematical consultant. Both of these jobs allow me to think deeply and to communicate clearly about mathematics. The blog is an extension of this work, allowing me a venue to write about the ideas I find most interesting. I believe that practicing mathematics is a joyful exercise, and I hope to inspire mathematical joy through mathematical play.

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The logo is a representation of my initials using mathematical ideas. The letters “d” and “p” are formed using lines and circles, central ideas in geometry. The “r” and “s” are formed from a sine wave, a central idea in differential equations. The “s” is the entirety of the sine wave, while the “r” is half the sine wave (colored in blue). The logo has a rotational symmetry, expressing the importance of symmetry abstract algebra.